We are a group of really friendly people who are passionate about 1/14 scale RC trucks. We are dedicated to providing an environment for people to run their trucks, provide help and advice and attend shows in order to further promote the hobby.


So that we can do that in a sustainable and controlled way we set up a company to do it with. The Company currently has 5 directors as in the picture.

From left to right we are Paul Evans, Allan Shillitto, Stu Loud, Jenny Murray and Rob Briggs. We have split the responsibilities across the five of us.

Rob is the Chairman responsible for keeping us all under control.

Paul is the Secretary, he records all the meetings, does the necessary legal set ups etc.

Allan is the treasurer and also works with facebook and website

Stu is the welfare officer and has responsibility for overseeing safeguarding etc.

Jenny gives us a wealth of experience but is also the chief mover IRO refreshments and is assistant membership secretary.

In addition to that we currently have 1 co-opted committee member.

Nicola Wilkes who helps us keep the booking in desk and orders in check, takes the pennies and makes sure everyone is happy

Last but definitely not least Lin who helps with refreshments.,

We pride ourselves on our friendship, openness and passion for this hobby and we would like to invite like minded people to join us in running our trucks. Between us we have a huge amount of knowledge of modelling in many areas, not just trucks, we do love to talk about our models!

We will try and keep the layout fresh and move things around so that we encourage mixing and new friendships.
If you need help, have a comment , suggestion or would like to get involved then please do find one of us and have a chat. We of course can't promise anything but we do meet after every meeting and review the meeting and where we are on our roadmap.