Our Trucks are generally 1/14 scale RC trucks and are just like their larger cousins that run around our roads delivering items. That could be food, petrol, bulk grain, building materials , logs and anything else you can think of.

The models come mainly from the same basic kits or are 'scratch-built' from the chassis up, and even 'ready to run' models.

How you build your model is up to you. It could be a straight forward 'out of the box' build, or you can 'personalise' your model depending on your choice, modelling skills, and budget.

There is a huge range of aftermarket upgrades and of course hundreds of paint colours and styles topped of with decals. 

The models are all radio controlled from simple two channel, controlling speed and steering, right up to full multichannel control of sound, lights, or other features.

The following trucks all came from the same basic R620 tractor truck kit -


This is a standard tractor unit with a few modifications. The trailer is from a Carson original tipper trailer but the tipping gear has been replaced with hydraulics.

This truck has been heavily modified the tractor unit has extended rails to which a modified Magom crane has been added. The sides are 3d printed, the trailer started life as a two axle trailer chassis from Scale parts.

lastly the truck on the left only has the cab and two rear axles left from the original kit. The truck on the right is a standard build with a standard but customised tanker trailer.

Then there are the trailers...

A basic kit is fairly simple to build, we generally spray paint them with car type acrylic. There are a lot of box built kits around, they are all the same and all very different. From a basic kit you can start adding detail either scratch built or purchased from one of the many aftermarket suppliers.

The grey Scania has been updated with extra light, a right hand drive dash and of course sound and lights. The trailer comes with no lift gear but there are a few choices out there. The builder went with a hydraulic 5 stage ram but it could easily have been an electric scissor lift or under bed hydralic ram. The possibilities are endless.