Greater control of your speed

Both the SFR1 and the UFR1230 have features that allow greater control over your speed.  For example, if you are a user of cruise control then you will find that it is not great for manouvering and/or in reverse. You may also find that the ESC takes off a little to rapidly and so on.

Now modern transmitters have built in curves for setting e.g. throttle response and you could use them BUT that still does not answer you manouvering problem. You may have noticed that under the configuration/Speed controller tabs there is a graph on the right that says throttle curve1, and that has a second tab for throttle curve 2.

 Now those tabs can be used to create similar curves to your transmitter but there are two, so whats that about? Well you can use a function to switch between the two curves, so you can switch from high speed to low speed for manouvering.

So here is a pic of a modified curve for manouvering...

Throttle curves can be used to change the  response of the esc (SFR1 or UFR1230) to better match your driving needs. The full range of driving modes is detailed in the relevant manual and has been addressed in other articles BUT I want to specifically address a "problem" that I have/had.

So my problem is that I am fine driving the truck in cruise mode but could not cope with cruise in reverse. My esc settings therefore have "Cruise control active only when driving forwards" set. I have found that it is then very easy to overcook reverse. I could of course have selected to turn cruise off and go back to normal esc functions but that did not suit me as I found I was never sure what mode I was in.

What I decided to do was set up a second throttle map and use that for reverse. I then used a multifuntion to change direction and the throttle curve plus I have set the esc to have cruise control active only when going forwards. So no cruise in reverse and reduced throttle map as well.