Featured Truck - April 2022

This months winner was Allan Blight, his truck is an orange MAN 4x2 with a flatbed trailer. For ESC sound and light it uses a Tamiya MFU 3.

March 2022 featured truck

This a poignant time for me as I write this month’s article. This is about more than a truck

Featured Trucks - Lee Lavender Scania and drag January 2022

This month Lee Lavender won the raffle for the featured truck. The truck is a Scania flatbed and drag and mostly scratchbuilt, the only original part being the main cab.

Nicola Wilkes - Globe Liner February 2022

A bit embarrasing this month! After running around looking for the owner of the "winning ticket" Stu eventually asked Nicola if she had one, and it turned out to be the winner. Embarrasing why? Well Nicola gave most of the tickets out, folded them shook the pot and got the draw done.

Nicola purchased this truck and trailer ready built but its is nicely done. Its an understated straight Globe liner and Tamiya fuel tanker build with just a few touches to make it different. On the truck the basic Tamiya lines decals have been used but not the branding ones, this has ledt the truck with a nice clean appearance.

A roof spoiler has been added and painted and sympathetically and the same style decals added to it.

From the front you can see the added peterbuilt badge and the side view shows the US style pressed steel  aftermarket wheels in white.

The trailer is again an out of the box build with the exception of the BP decals which give it a different look. Its in keeping with the US style having only two axles with dual wheels.

This truck just shows how simplifying the finish and adding a few fairl inexpensive aftermarket parts you can have a super looking truck.

Nicola is One of our very few lady drivers she is looking to promote the hobby to ladies and would love to chat and advise anyone who is interested.