This month Lee Lavender won the raffle for the featured truck. The truck is a Scania flatbed and drag and mostly scratchbuilt, the only original part being the main cab.

Lee started by extending the rails and fitting Lesu running gear. The cab has been upgraded with a verkerk 730 facelift kit and mirrors, visor and airhorns. The roof rack is from Lesu With a scrtch built sheet roll by Darren Dennis.

You can see that it has twin stacks and these were purchased from Phil Berg. Wheels and tyres came from RigidRC.

Light bars and rear bumper came from Astec models, the Bumper has yet to be wired in as currently the truck has no lighting unit.

The truck bed and sides are scratch built as is the trailer. the trailer still has some work to do.

So far the truck has taken 8 months to build but still needs some work. pending items are the fitting of servonaut sound and lights, finishing the trailer and creating a load (the current load was borrowed from Jack hill , I particularly like the stairs).

Our thanks to Lee for allowing us to feature his truck.