We are making steady progress towards the first meeting, there is/was a lot to do. Just the background work took weeks.

The background work being finding a suitable location (took months actually), registering the club, opening a bank account, looking for insurance (most of which means we have to have certain poliocies in place), generating the policies (one more to come), facebook and website, sourcing material from the track and starting to build the content!

One of the steps that indicates that we are nearly there is the design of the logo, After a few attempts by ourselves (well Paul mostly) we took the decision to go to a proffesional, that has proved to be a good decision. His advice and expertise has been a real benefit.

Its with huge pleasure and some excitement that we are able now to give a peak of the new logo.

Here is a sample:

It is available in several different formats as you will see from the page heading. You will see more uses and versions as we make more progress.