Abridged Privacy Policy Notice


  1. Use of data
  1. The West Country RC Truckers Club uses the collected data to administer the Club.

  2. The West Country RC Truckers Club primary method of contact to Members is via email. 

  3. In addition, the email addresses of Annual Members are used to circulate notices of the Club, organised Events, club information and news. Other items of RC truck modelling interest may be distributed to the Member’s e-mail,Address, from time to time at the discretion of the Committee.   

  4. The data of Day Members will be removed from the Club’s Administration systems after 30 days, unless you have consented overleaf for us to retain it for use in accordance with Clauses (1c) and (3a) of this notice, in which case it will be retained until the end of the current Club year which is 31st August annually.

  5. The club website only uses cookies for essential purposes

  6. Member data is only held on the website in respect of membership usercode and password for access to member only content


  1. Sharing data outside of the West Country RC Truckers Club.

The West Country RC Truckers Club will never sell your data. We will not share your personal data with any third parties except where required to do so by law.


  1. Sharing data within the West Country RC Truckers Club.
  1. Personal data relating to Individual Annual Members is exchanged within the Club Committee to administer the Club only. Any requests for an Individual’s data by another Member will only be shared after seeking written permission from the Individual Member(s) concerned.
  2.  On joining the West Country RC Truckers Club as an Annual Member, you will be provided with a Data Usage Consent Form for completion. This form outlines your wishes as to how the Club will communicate with you and use the data you have provided.


PLEASE NOTE There is nothing in the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 which prevents data from being used purely for the administration of the organisation and your membership thereof, e.g., sending notification of meetings, or membership renewal falling due.