This policy covers Smoking and Vaping.

There are two parts to this policy:

1. while attending monthly meetings at the clubs normal meeting place

2. while attending as visitors to shows as an organised group


Monthly meetings

The premises that we are using belong to a school. Part of the agreement is that we adhere to their policies where required. In respect of smoking and vaping their policy is to not allow smoking or vaping on the school premises.

School premises are defined as the area within the schools boundary fence, so no smoking or vaping in the building, the carpark or other accesible outside areas of the school.

You should also take all your litter with you.


Whilst at shows we will not allow smoking or vaping in the layout area.

Outside the layout area then we will adhere to the locations policies.

For example:

1. When the show is in a building, then smoking and vaping will not be allowed within the bounds of the layout.Outside the layout then we will follow the locations policy which may be to allow vaping in the building but also may be to not allow it.

2. Shows within a temporary structure e.g. a marquee shared or otherwise. We will not allow smoking or vaping within the confines of the layout boundaries. within the further shared area we will adhere to the policy agreed with the organisers.


We regard non adherence to this policy and policies in general we may apply one of the following sanctions:


Issue a warning or suspension      
If a warning is given and ignored then we may:  
  If the person is a member we will suspend membership for that and a subsequent meeting and require immediate removal from the premises. Any repetition may result in permanent suspension.
  If the person is a visitor we will require the immediate removal from the premises.



In a case where a member is suspended or removed from the premises no Membership or Meet fees will be refunded.